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“I have always been satisfied and taken care of by everyone at Robert W. Raley - Bankruptcy Lawyer. He has been there for me through some difficult times and there is no complaining about that! I thank him for everything and would highly recommend him to anyone who is need of help.”

– Roger S.

“Thank you so much for what Robert Raley, Jennifer Norris and your staff have done for my husband. He will get a full paycheck on the 30th, and he can actually feel like he is human again. This has been a long struggle, caused from many problems. This will get him on right track and hopefully you will not hear from us again. Thank you again for everything. You all do your job well and make clients feel special.”

– Linda D.

“From the moment I walked in the office, I had a sense that everything would be fine with my finances. In a very short time, I realized Robert Raley is a man of honesty, knowledge and patience. He spent additional time with me, to assure that I understood all my options. I also spent time with his Associate, Jennifer Norris. Ms. Norris took the time to answer my questions and made sure I understood all the legal documents. The staff was friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Robert W. Raley - Bankruptcy Lawyer to handle all your bankruptcy needs.”

– Rebecca T.

“I am very pleased with the services and the representation that I have received from Mr. Robert Railey and his staff. He and his staff have provided a courteous and thorough management of my case. He and his staff have also shown that they have both the experience and ability to represent me with great confidence and leadership. They have given me the reassurance and comfort in knowing that my need for an attorney is well placed with Robert W. Raley - Bankruptcy Lawyer. I will recommend them to anyone without hesitation.”

– Paul C.

“About two years ago, my wife and I came to the decision that our financial situation was to a point that we didn’t know what to do anymore. A family friend had recommended that we meet with Robert W. Raley - Bankruptcy Lawyer. After our initial consultation, the two of us could not have been surer that this would be the best thing to do for our family. Throughout the entire process, we were never unprepared for anything. Up through the confirmation of our Chapter 13, we never had to guess what would happen next. 

We have been in Chapter 13 for 15 months now, and I have to say that this is best decision we have ever made. We now feel like we can breathe, and have taken a new approach to our finances. We no longer just spend and spend, and worry about it later. It has taught us to truly appreciate what we have, and not think we have to have the best of everything. 

I would highly recommend Robert W. Raley - Bankruptcy Lawyer. Their no pressure approach is appreciated and they are concerned about your needs.”

– Mark G.

“Just want to say thanks again for all your help through this. I was very skeptical about filing bankruptcy in the first place, but Mr. Raley and Ms. Norris have been so very helpful in the process. They made it a lot easier for me and [and my wife] to accept. Thanks again for everything.”

– Kelly L.

“I have known Mr. Robert Raley for almost 30 years and I love him and his associate. They are kind and very helpful and compassionate to your needs, and they will work to help all that they can. Mr. Raley is very devoted, honest and straight to the point.”

– Inez W.

“My experience with Robert Raley and Jennifer Norris has been educational, helpful, and knowledgeable. With appointments, I never had to wait, and my phone calls were always returned. I have been using this firm for several years and I am very appreciative of their time. I would highly recommend them.”

– Virginia L.