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How to Stop the Repo Man

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2022 | Solutions

Repossession of your vehicle is not just loss of a piece of property; it is a threat to your ability to get to and from work, to get your children to school and other activities, and to provide for the health and well being of your family.

Every single day, thousands of people lose their vehicle to “repo men,” taken without court or law enforcement supervision.  According to the National Consumer Law Center, public reports show the violence of some unsupervised repossessions is shocking.  Six deaths; dozens of injuries and arrests.  Handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, fists and even vehicles wielded as weapons.  And horrifying as it is, in at least three cases, repo men towed away vehicles with children under the age of 9 inside.  (You can read the entire report at

Needless to say, trying to stop the repo man on your own can be dangerous business.  But, neither are you helpless to stop them.  Under Louisiana law, if your vehicle is parked on a public street or in a parking lot, the repo man cannot legally take your vehicle from you if you tell him you will not release it.  According to the law, to do so would have him commit a “breach of the peace.”  However, please keep in mind that the situation can be quite unpredictable.  Repo men are experts at trying to convince you that you have no choice, and they do not always obey the law.

Stopping the Repo Man

You can legally stop the repo man by filing a Chapter 7 fresh start bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bill consolidation bankruptcy.  According to the provisions of Section 362 of the Bankruptcy Code, with that filing, an “automatic stay” is issued by the Federal Bankruptcy Court.  That stops the repo man and/or the company that hired him from trying to take your vehicle, even if they have a prior court order authorizing them to do so.  Also, with that filing, if they have already taken your vehicle, the repo man can be made to bring it back, if you act quickly.

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Nothing short of bankruptcy, the most powerful debt relief tool available, is likely to provide relief from repossession.  You need to know you can do something to stop this distressing threat.  Through Chapter 7 fresh start bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bill consolidation bankruptcy, we can help you end your financial nightmare and put you back on the road to becoming debt free.

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