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Stopping Wage Garnishments

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2022 | Solutions

You get your paycheck, only to be shocked to discover it’s 25% less than the amount you earned.  Your wages have been garnished by a creditor.  You were barely making ends meet with a full check, so this is impossible!

Wage garnishment usually has a domino effect.  Without a full paycheck, you can’t possibly make mortgage payments and car notes, much less pay all the other bills.  Quite often, repossessions and foreclosure follows.  Because of the devastating effects on individuals and families, several states have actually outlawed or restricted wage garnishment for creditor debt.

Unfortunately, Louisiana law sanctions and even facilitates creditor garnishment.  If you are already being garnished, you know how much a creditor can take from your paycheck.  If you are being threatened with garnishment by a creditor, you can use the Wage Garnishment Calculator at to determine how much that creditor can legally take out of your check.  (  Be aware that an even greater percentage can be garnished if child support payments or state and federal taxes are past due.

Stopping Wage Garnishment

You can stop wage garnishment by filing a Chapter 7 fresh start bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bill consolidation bankruptcy.  According to the provisions of Section 362 of the Bankruptcy Code, with that filing, an “automatic stay” is issued by the Federal Bankruptcy Court.  This stops a creditor from starting a wage garnishment.  It also stops any State Court garnishment in progress, including garnishments for past due child support, student loan garnishment and IRS and state tax levies.

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Nothing short of bankruptcy, the most powerful debt relief tool available, is likely to provide relief from wage garnishment.  You need to know you can do something to stop this distressing threat.  Through Chapter 7 fresh start bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bill consolidation bankruptcy, we can help you end your financial nightmare and put you back on the road to becoming debt free.

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